Louise Keith is an elite mind coach, specialising in the Motorsports industry.

Louise works with individuals and teams towards elite performance in sport. She has specialised in the Motor Sport Industry working with racing drivers, coaches, engineers and managers, assisting them to all excel in their field of expertise, culminating in success. 

For 20 years Louise has worked holistically with her clients to balance fitness, nutrition, injury prevention and rehab and more specifically, mind coaching. 

Her unique blend of skills enable her to assess the needs and respond with a tailored and complete programme of development, preparing clients physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve their potential succeed at the very highest levels.


16th August 2020

Kaylen Frederick claimed his third win of the season in an enthralling third race of the weekend at Donington Park, with a gap of 11.112, the second biggest winning margin in BRDC British F3 since 2016.

“I’ve been working with Louise for well over 10 years now, but it never ceases to amaze me that together, we can find another level to take my on-track performance to. My desire to achieve a fantastic career is absolutely paralleled to Louise’s hard work and genuine approach.


Our open and honest conversations provide me with a clarity that is needed to perform at an optimal level, time after time i.e. race weekend preparation, weekend recaps etc.


Louise’s support isn’t defined only to athletic performance but also how I, as a person, am feeling! It’s a complete program!


It’s extremely hard to be vulnerable to people, but Louise has my total trust. For my mental health, and my physical. Simply, I wouldn’t have gotten this far without her.


She’s an integral and key of my team on and off the track.”

—  Jack Harvey, IndyCar Driver

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