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Kaylen Frederick is an American race car driver currently competing in the FIA Formula 3 Championship for Art GP (2023). He was the winner of the British Formula 3 Championship (2020).

What he has to say

“Mental and physical preparation is key to success in motorsport, but it is also one of the most difficult things to get right. Over the last two years of working with Louise I’ve made huge amounts of progress in my understanding and implementation of processes and routines to help optimize my performance every moment on track. Our success in winning the BRDC F3 Championship is largely due to the hard work we all put in as a team, which gave us confidence and a systematic approach to each event. Louise also brings a wealth of knowledge on how to maximize my nutrition and physical preparation at events or at home. To say I am pleased with our growth together professionally and personally is an understatement. I am excited to see how we face the challenges that lie ahead, as Louise will continue to be a big part of my team in the future.”

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