Louise Keith Performance Coaching works across three principle performance areas for Motorsport's athletes: mental focus (mind coaching), sports nutrition, and specific sports fitness.


Your mind directs decisions you make and therefore actions you take. With a good command of your mind and its responses to situations, positive choices leading to positive outcomes will help create helpful patterns of behaviour. This is particularly important in top flight competition where the ultimate performance is sought and a consistency in the level of performance is essential in order to be a champion.


Motorsport is challenging and exciting due to the variables. It is not possible to be in control of those variables particularly on a track where everything is happening at pace. Good management and flexibility of responses to ever changing conditions is an invaluable skill set to be a winner. 


Utilising mental rehearsal techniques and developing strategies for maximising all areas of on track performance, free practice, qualifying and racing, encompasses the mind training aspect to performance and facilitates driving the car to the limit, under whatever conditions occur.


Although there are so many aspects of mind coaching in motorsport, it is often neglected. 


The mind sets of the driver, the team manager, engineers, mechanics, and parents are all influential in a successful outcome. 


 It is in the trained, calm, assertive and yet creative mind where the magic begins.



A racing driver is an athlete.


In order to perform to the optimum, energy must be available at the right time to execute a top performance. Without adequate energy in training and competition, the athlete will be lacking.


Training and testing undertaken towards competition should be carried out with optimum sports nutrition and hydration for driver performance and recovery.


The chemical balance of the athlete through nutrition will enable mental processes to reach a high level of focus and mood stability and positivity.


Optimum sports nutrition is essential to an athletes success.



As an athlete, a racing driver’s off track work towards relevant and specific fitness will enable them to produce their best performance on track. It may appear that driving a car fast is easy however the body is under immense pressure physically in a kart, a formula car or any other racing car.  


The range of tracks, cars, weather conditions and duration of races place intensive physical demands on the body - cardio vascular, strength, stamina, core stability, co-ordination, balance and reactions. Training all elements of the driver to deliver on those demands is essential in order that they reach their potential.

To find out more about the importance of physical fitness for Motorsports drivers, watch racing driver Sam Bird:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwVjg38EdeY


“After spending my first season in BRDC F3 working with Louise, I’ve made large gains in my understanding of mental preparation for races and even test days. It is an important building block in motorsports, but is also one of the most difficult things to get right. Louise teaches the importance of preparation and how to consistently reach the goals I set for myself. Having her at race events provides me with the support I need, while making sure that I’m maximizing performance in every session. I’m very pleased with the personal and professional advancements we have made, and I am ready to apply what I have learned in the coming season. Louise will be a big part of my team this year.” 

—  Kaylen Frederick, British F3 Driver

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